I really like when people put bumper stickers on their cars to showcase their accomplishments. If I had run a half marathon or marathon I would totally put up a sticker to brag about it. This will never be the case, though, because I’m not a runner or athletic in any way, shape, or form. So here are some ideas I’ve come up with for my own personalized braggart bumper stickers: 

A laundry basket, symbolizing the fact that I washed, folded and actually PUT AWAY my laundry. 

A pile of poo–this symbolizes all the times I picked up my dog’s poo outside when I really, really didn’t want to. 

A fist–this represents all the times I resist punching a coworker in the throat during the workday. 

A smile–the times I smile politely at patients instead of calling them stupid idiots (harsh, but true). 

A toothbrush–this highlights the times I actually brush my teeth twice in one day (I go to bed with Thin Mint mouth more often than I care to admit.)

A toilet–this would exemplify all the times I choose not to sit on the toilet at work and play on my phone instead of actually working. (It’s a nice break sometimes!) 

And finally, a lion–this symbolizes the few times I choose to initiate something in bed instead of passively laying there putting off awkward vibes. 

These are just a few I’ve come up with so far. It’s the little things in life that we need to be proud of. Maybe on the days we’re really struggling we can try to remember the simple, bumper sticker goals we’ve accomplished. We can’t run a marathon everyday. 

I hope you all had a great Monday. Good job getting through it. Catch up with you soon! 

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